Pride and Prejudice Showdown 1995 vs. 2005 Pt 3

Hello beans! Hope you all had a delightful Christmas and holiday season! (And perhaps you watched one of my recommended Christmas movies? Maybe?)

We’re back with PART 3 of the Pride and Prejudice adaptation showdown, where today we’ll be dealing with some of Darcy’s family and enemies.

As always, PLEASE let me know your thoughts in comments!!! Your comments are my happiness and sunshine of the week and I read EACH and EVERY one of them!!!!

Let’s get started!!!!

Georgiana Darcy was another minor role that I adored and I thought made the movies so much better. Her friendship with Elizabeth, her sweet nature, her close call with Mr. Wickham, and her relationship with Mr. Darcy all added so much to the story.

I always loved this scene

Tamzin Merchant is such a sweet girl in this film. She brings a bright smile and element of fun to the (regrettably) short scenes she is in. Her relationship with Mr. Darcy in this film is particularly sweet, and I wished I got to see more of them together. Granted, she is not as shy and reserved as she is in the book/miniseries, but I think it still worked beautifully in the film and she brightened the movie so well.

Chat with Tea Scale? 10/10

I loved how painfully shy and quiet Emilia Fox was in this. She really did channel that book Georgiana timidness in this miniseries.

But I liked that. I’ve read a lot of opinions on this, and I’m not sure I’m in the minority (it surely seems like it) but I really enjoy shy, timid, reserved characters. (But not the “I’m-shy-for-a-few-pages-to-be-relateable-but-then-I’m-back-to-being-an-extrovert” characters. Actual, real, reserved characters.) They don’t have to be outgoing or bubbly for me to get attached to them. Actually, I think I get attached even fast and find them even more loveable if they aren’t.

And Emilia Fox really served this to me. She was so shy and sweet, I just wanted to give her a hug. She was truly a delight to watch and added another layer of depth and fun to the story.

Barbara Leigh-Hunt in this was quite good. She was queenly, rude, and a bit terrifying. She doesn’t try at all to be polite, and you can tell she isn’t used to be told no.

Chat with Tea Scale? -2/10

Honestly, I don’t have as much to say about the 1995’s version of Lady de Bourgh. She is fine in this, don’t get me wrong. But I do feel like she pales in comparison with the 2005 rendition of her.

Judi Dench SLAYS in Pride and Prejudice 2005. She is the embodiment of Lady Catherine, and it is a pleasure to watch.

Where Barbara Leigh-Hunt seems to kind of dissolve into the background of the story, Dench just shines in this film. She is sassy, entitled, bossy, and is 100% positive she owns the world. I can still hear her crying “Are the shades of Pemberly thus polluted?” just as vividly as the day I watched it.

She perfectly portrays a controlling, fear inducing aunt, one that really did make me worried she would convince Lizzy not to marry Mr. Darcy.

It was quite surreal to watch her play Lady de Bourgh when a few short months ago I saw in play the crusty Commander Root in the movie adaptation of Artemis Fowl, but honestly I didn’t even recognize her until I read the credits. I guess she is just proving what a talented actress she is.

Mr. Wickham. The only worse insult to call your suitor than Mr. Collins. Mr. Wickham has no sympathy from me. His actions are so detestable and his manner so sneaky I absolutely understand why Darcy had such a disgust for him.

Rupert Friend is actually quite amazing in this. He really does have the young charm that I always saw Mr. Wickham having. He really does make me feel like the person Lizzy would fall for, while the 1995’s version always felt too old.

I feel like the two Wickham portrayals give off two different vibes. Friend (from 2005) gives off the feelings of an ignorant, unwise playboy. Whereas Lukis (from the miniseries) feels particularly malevolent, older, more knowing feeling about him, which makes his actions feel more digusting and creepy. I feel like the book’s Mr. Wickham meets both of these in the middle, and I prefer the 2005 version a bit more.

Chat with Tea Scale? 1/10

And now.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Time to discuss the man who stole millions of hearts over the last two hundred years…..

s i k e

But really though, I’m cutting it off here. Because I want to put off the spicy Mr. Dracy comments longer. And I realized that my comparison of the movies as far as artistic style, filmmaking, scores, and wardrobe were kind of extensive, so I decided to put my Darcy portrayal thoughts and my opinions on them films/serieses themselves together for the final post, along with my ultimate decision on which one is better.

I can’t believe we’re getting to the end of this series! It feels like we’ve been going through it forever. (And that would be mostly my fault.)

Is there another book-to-movie or TV show adaptation you’d like to see me do? I’m up for any suggestions, as this is content in really getting into lately.

Talk to me, beans!

9 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice Showdown 1995 vs. 2005 Pt 3

  1. “But not the “I’m-shy-for-a-few-pages-to-be-relateable-but-then-I’m-back-to-being-an-extrovert” characters. Actual, real, reserved characters.”

    Ughhh, those kind of characters (the “I’m-shy-for-a-few-pages” characters) irritate me SO BAAAAD. XD I. Just. Want. Consistent. Characters. PLEASE.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. NOOOOOO, MR DARCY!!! I can’t wait to read that one!!!!!
    I’m really curious about maybe Artemis Fowl? I don’t read it anymore (due to the magic), but I saw the trailers for the movie…. And, well, my parents heard a lot of complaining from me about it 😂

    I love your posts on P&P!!!!!!!


    (also… A KOTLC MOVIE????)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YOU TRICKED ME. But fine. I guess I will wait patiently for Mr. Darcy.
    I agree about Georgiana – both actresses do her wonderfully, in completely different ways. And that thing about shy, reserved characters who are that way for two paragraphs to be rElATablE and then back to being extroverts…lol. So true. That is not how that works, people.

    I don’t know if this is what you meant, but I think a comparison of the book Emma to the 2009 miniseries (with Romola Garai) would be awesome if you happened to want to do that!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I could not agree more with your opinions on all these characters!! Except the 1995 Georgiana. Eh. I just don’t like her much at all. *shrugs* OH MY GOODNESS HOW COULD YOU TORTURE US. I have a feeling we’ll agree about Mr. Darcy, but… *bites nails*

    Liked by 1 person

  5. YYEESS!! I ADORE Pride and Prejudice! It’s such a beautiful movie and story!! And yees I love that scene with Georgiana Darcy too! SO so sweet! And oh MR. DARCY!! HE IS LITERALLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!
    squeals! looking forward to your post!
    -kaelyn 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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