4 Christmas Movies Gems You’re Missing Out On

Merry Christmas, beans!!!!

Darn. I almost had a blogging streak going there for a second. It’s weird how just one holiday can throw a girl off.

I’m still nervously working on the third and final installment of the Pride And Prejudice Ultimate Showdown 2005 vs. 1995 (including the final boss: The Mr. Darcy Showdown) and decided to leave everyone hanging (and keep at least half of my followers) for a little while longer.

But in the meantime (trust me, the post is coming), I decided to do my annual Christmas post about what else? Christmas movies!

I watch a lot of Christmas movies – and I am not exaggerating whatsoever. And I’ve seen some really bad ones.

But I’ve also seen a few gems over the years that are becoming staples in my house for the Christmas season. And I’m hoping that you’ll give these a try as well, and make them traditions at your house as well!!!

A Christmas Movie Christmas

This was an unexpected gem. We casually decided to watch it on Prime after hearing a lot about it for a few years. The basic gist of the story is about a woman who is constantly dreaming and adoring over those cheesy Christmas romances suddenly gets dropped into one with her crusty sister.

This has movie has way too much fun picking on Hallmark and Lifetime, and I relished in it. It was quirky, over the top, meta, and heartwarming. It had a sisterly relationship at the heart of the movie, which meant a lot to me.

It was sort of surreal, after watching so many Hallmark movies to see one that teased every aspect of it. But my mom and my sisters and I laughed like crazy for an hour and a half whilst watching it, and agreed that it would be one on the roster of yearly watches at Christmas time.

And we hope it’ll join yours too!!

The Christmas Project

Be prepared, this one definitely does lack a large budget. Even a Hallmark movie budget. But give it a chance.

This movie is about a group of brothers whose family tradition is to “elf” (or anonymously leave gifts on their doorstep up until Christmas) one house in their town. When their mom decides to elf the boys arch enemies at school, it’s wild adventure flashing between school, home, and the elfing missions that leaves you surprisingly teary eyed at the end.

This movie still surprises me to this day. You think it’s going to be one of those cheap corny movies that you forget about the next day. But we keep coming back to this one.

There’s something special about the message of this one that makes me choked up every time I watch it. I’ve never seen a movie talk about bullying or love like this one does, and it’s powerful.

You won’t really realize this until you start watching it, but it’s actually set in the 80’s. That, combined with it’s strange, odd sense of humor and heavy dose of relable family comedy makes this one worth coming back to again and again.

The Christmas Project Reunion

Yes, this is the sequel to the above movie.

And I love it.

This movie is actually new to this year. And as someone who adored the first one for several years, I was SO pumped when we got to watch the sequel (with the same cast) preform again.

This movie follows a similar plot to the original, although it brings some new characters along for the ride, and the MC thinks he’s grown out of elfing. *slaps Matthew Buckley*

Like most sequels, the characters have grown, and the tone is more mature. But it seemed to make the story even more impactful to me.

This one touched on forgiveness and unconditional love, and it really left me feeling choked up. Again, I’ve never seen a movie handle its themes with such grace and care, and I was speechless at how touched it left me.

But for all its more serious undertones, the movie is still full of quirky, odd humor that reminds me of the first one, making it full of laughs and nostalgia. (And hey, this one is set in the 90’s – and that’s always a bonus!)

The Polar Express

So, I’m a bit divided on whether I should include this one or not.

On one hand, it seems like this movie is a classic that is watched every year as a tradition by every family and their grandmother.

But on the other hand, people seemed scared and freaked out by the movie with its unique animation and odd and whimsical themes/setting/plot.

Let me tell you, this movie is Christmas incarnate.

I’m going to be serious for once with you beans. The Polar Express is on my top five favorite Christmas movies and honestly? I personally recommend it to be a tradition.

It’s not as creepy as people like to say it is (and if you ask me? It’s not creepy at all. I’m not really sure where those claims come from. The animation is a little odd, but imo it’s not that bad, and your eyes adjust quickly and it fits the story well.) and it’s full of warmth and love.

There are a few songs in this (but it is not a musical) and they are surprisingly excellent. I listen to them as part of the annual Christmas soundtrack, and they get me into the spirit perfectly. I think it’s worth watching for the soundtrack alone.

(and on another note, IMAX theaters usually show this one at Christmastime every year, and if you are able to see it there, I 2000% recommend it. It’s breathtaking to see that movie on a screen like that.)

So I’d say take the leap and watch this movie for the first time this Christmas season before it’s over!

SO Merry Christmas beans!!!! I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and spend it happy and well fed!!!

Have you seen any of these Christmas movies? What do you think about them? Is The Polar Express creepy or a Christmas classic?


6 thoughts on “4 Christmas Movies Gems You’re Missing Out On

  1. I’ve seen Polar Express, and (even tho it had a Josh groban song) I found it boring 😬😅 My favorites tho, would be Elf and the Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen. Even if the movies did have annoying children. 😒
    Have a very merry christmas!!!

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  2. I haven’t seen any of these! I might have to check them out at some point. The first one sounds like I might like it because I always like to poke fun at Hallmark movies. (Seriously, they always have the same plot! and so predictable!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YEEESSS!! I loved reading this post and the only one that I have seen is the Polar Express. I so want to watch A Christmas Movie Project now though! I love the plot idea!!
    Great movie reviews, Penny!!
    -kaelyn 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh man, no, the Polar Express plain freaked me out as a kid XD (it was mainly that one scene with the weird guy and the dark train car with like puppets hanging, I think?). I’m perfectly fine with it now, though, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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