I Watched Lord of the Rings for the First Time. Did I Like It?


*pulls self up off the face of the Earth*

I kind of want to pretend like I didn’t just disappear for months. With no explanation, no activity on WordPress at all, and certainly no comments.

I really don’t know why. Life has been life, and it’s been hard enough to actually write in my novels, much less on my blog.

I’m sorry for the disappearance. I needed to get away from social media. To be honest, I’m still having a hard time getting back to it. 2020 continues to be an absolute jerk (we should all gang up and bully 2020 off the Internet) and it is beginning to show.

So I’m sorry I haven’t checked anyone’s posts in literally months, and have been doing minimal chatting with you beans *wells up in tears* I really missed you guys.

BUT why don’t we have a good post to celebrate my return to the blogosphere?

I’ll admit – I haven’t been doing a whole lot this year. (What is there to do, anyway.) BUT I have been catching up on one of my favorite hobbies: TV and film.

In the months of 2020 I have completed so many momentous movies to place under my golden belt:

BOTH Pride and Prejudice remakes (the 1995 AND 2005 versions – let me know in the comments if you want a comparison on the two in a future post!)

Every Disney Channel movie in existence

Rewatch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Started on the Clone Wars (FINALLY)

Forky Asks A Question (a legendary film series)

Struggled to continue Star Wars: Rebels

The Cars Trilogy (isn’t THAT an odd mouthful)

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse (a movie EVERYONE should see)

Frozen 2 (in theaters)


The Chroncles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian rewatches (top tier stuff)

way too many brain mushing Disney Channel sitcoms

AND an Emma rewatch (the 2009 version, not the A&E 1996 and 2020 ABOMINATIONS. Although I would be open to the 1996 Gweneth Paltrow version – I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch Obi Wan Frank Churchill Kenobi?)


And of course, Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.


giphy (7).gif


I watched this movie around midnight on a Saturday night (yes, that means I didn’t finish and get in bed until 3:45 A. M.) with my dad after everyone had gone to sleep.

It was my first time viewing the movie, actually! I hadn’t really been raised on LOTR, but my dad had always praised it. So finally, after weeks of scheming, we settled in to watch the three hour first installment to one of the most legendary fantasies ever.

So, what did I think?


Let me say first of all, I now know why everyone wants to live in the Shire. 

this made me so emotional


The sweet music, the warmth the radiates off of every inch of the land, and the beautiful innocence and happiness of the Hobbits made for such a strong contrast to the darkness and ominousness (I didn’t think this was a word but WordPress isn’t auto correcting me. That is a first.) of the rest of the movie. The soothing happiness that swelled all around the Shire made me feel like I was coming home. 

I got sappy so fast in this post

The Shire does, in fact, live up to its hype.


The characters were just as excellent as I expected they would be. I loved being along for the journey with them. They made an excellent squad and their joining together was just like……amazing??? Honestly, I swear every author rips of Tolkien’s work without putting in any of the elements that made it good.




The Hobbits just endeared me so much. I wanted gather them all into one big hug. Frodo was so sweet and noble (I don’t care what anyone says he is ON PAR with Sam) Merry and Pippin were genuinely funny and added so much to the movie (I smiled every time they appeared on screen) and Sam was just as much as a bean as everyone said he would be.



And the other members of the fellowship were just as excellent. Aragorn was simply perfection. Legolas was just as fabulous as I expected, and I very quickly knew he would be a favorite of mine. Gimli was just as excellent, and he had me cracking up all the time. And Boromir was a really fascinating character. I feel like it was a real shame we didn’t get more time with him, because I would have loved more exploration on his character.

And Gandalf was even better than I anticipated. His character was executed so perfectly, and he was so well done. I instantly wished I had a Gandalf of my own in my life.

source (9).gif
he’d probably spend most of the time saying this to me

And I also really enjoyed all the more minor characters as well! I loved their additions to the lore and worldbuilding of Middle Earth.

I really, really admired the allegorical elements of the world, particularly the Ring itself. It left me pondering what had been said days afterward. Everyone tends to interpret these things differently I immensely enjoyed seeing the genius of Tolkien’s work. Makes an author tear up. 

The plot was a slam dunk. I know that people tend to look down on the old quest storyline, but it’s one of my favorites, as and usual, J. R. R. Tolkien knocks it out of the park. 

Like my dad says, “If you can make a 2 to 3 hour movie feel short, you know you’re doing it right.” And I would agree. This movie is paced to perfection. There are no lulls or boring parts and everything is timed perfectly. The ending left me feeling satisfied, but wanting more. I’m not sure how much more you can ask from a trilogy’s first installment. 

giphy (13).gif
remembering this part makes my throat ache

Boromir and Gandalf’s deaths hit me HARD. The tenderness and tears everyone shared is so rare in modern films. The grief and heartache was so real, so genuine, and so painful it made my heart tear in two. 

So, is The Fellowship Of The Ring a smashing success that continues to age like fine wine? Yes, and it always will be.

But, did I like it?

Yes, I did. It wasn’t what I expected. It was darker than I anticipated. The characters weren’t what I imagined. The bad guys had a pure evilness about them that was frightening. But I still loved it. 


Have you seen LOTR? How do you feel about it? Who’s your favorite character in The Fellowship of the Ring? (Mine’s probably Aragorn or Frodo.) DID YOU MISS ME??? Talk to me in the comments, you precious beans!

26 thoughts on “I Watched Lord of the Rings for the First Time. Did I Like It?

  1. Yay!! LotR is my favorite books and movies!!!! The Hobbit book is also included in that, but the Hobbit movies…not so much.
    Anyways, back to LotR. XD
    YAAAAY! Wasn’t it so so good?? The world building in Middle-Earth is so real and deep! Have you read the books or was this your first introduction to Middle-Earth?

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  2. Ayyy Penny! *finger guns* You’re back!!
    I don’t blame you ONE BIT for disappearing for a while – I recently vanished myself. It’s been SO difficult to get creatively inspired during this time, so I definitely feel ya.
    THE SHIRE. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live there? Plus the hobbit holes are 👌🏼👌🏼. I have officially decided to design and build my own hobbit hole someday. 😂
    Anyway, I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie and wrote this awesome review! It’s good to see you back on the blogosphere! 😄
    P.S. – I would LOVE to see a comparison of the Pride and Prejudice movies!! Personal opinion: the 1995 version will ALWAYS reign supreme. (Also, I recently did a post comparing the proposals of Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy if you’d wanna check it out! Here’s the link: https://artsyarrow.wordpress.com/2020/05/19/collins-vs-darcy/)
    Have a great rest of your day Penny! 😄

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  3. AHA! WELCOME TO THE FELLOWSHIP OF HOBBIT HOLE DWELLERS, PENNY!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!! I don’t like the books themselves, but I LOVE the movies (though, the Hobbit movie is probably my favorite between the two).
    (ALSO I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK IN THE BLOGISPHERE! *cough* I myself just made my reappearance last week, lol).
    The Clone Wars are AMAZING. Zootopia is such a fun movie, I love it! The Narnia movies are so moving, and painful, and beautiful, and nostalgic to watch (like, nooo I don’t want them to ever END 😥 ). (also I want to live in Narnia with Aslan *bewails my unfortunate luck of not having a wardrobe hidden somewhere in my non-existent mysterious mansion*).
    My brothers and I decided that one day we’re going to go visit the actual Shire spot as a vacation, you know…when we’re all rich and can throw money on those sorts of trips because we’re hardcore LOTR and Hobbit fans.
    (…for proof of this, for one Christmas they bought me my very own Sting sword that looks just like the one in the movies)
    My family just finished watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and MAN, I just gotta say they are such fun to watch! XD (the soundtrack is AMAZING). They’re definitely on my favorite movies list!

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      1. Lol. I mean… the worldbuilding is impressive. However, when it comes to the actual quality of storytelling, it’s just meh… XD

        Liked by 3 people

        *clutches books to chest and bops anyone who criticizes them over the head with Gandalf’s staff*

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Lol, I knew that comment was going to draw you LOTR lovers out X’D (also.. as for epic writing… *gently hurls one of Brandon Sanderson’s books at you (but preferably The Way of Kings)* ;P

        Liked by 3 people

  4. *visible happiness*
    i love this so incredibly much. ❤️
    the lord of the rings is very near to perfection and doubt anything will ever persuade me otherwise. annnnnd now i just want to go watch it again.

    on another note, i am so glad you’re back, penny!!! i missed you and all your happy, bubbling amazingness! 😊

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  5. I agree to the plan of bullying 2020 off the internet.
    I. Adore. Cars. All three of them. #unpopularopinion
    And AHHHHHHHH we live the same life, my dad loves LOTR and we schemed around for a time for us older kids to watch it with him, and yes we spent an entire weekend on all three movies. 😆 And I’m convinced the Shire is a more peaceful Scotland and I love it to death. Frodo is hands down my favorite but Aragorn is a close second, just sayin.
    “The tenderness and tears everyone shared is so rare in modern films.” SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK.
    Yes, it’s dark and terrifying, but I still love it.
    And pleaseeeee do posts when you watch the other two?? Return of the King is my favorite of the three… 😍

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  6. Ahhhh hi Penny! It’s been a while!
    BUT OH MY GOSH LOTR!!! My family JUST finished a month or two ago marathoning the trilogy. Also I just…I agree with every word you said. That’s honestly all I can say 😂

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  7. -hugs-
    Oohh!!!! P&P 2005 was sooo good!!! My friend is watching the 1995 and she is really enjoying it. 😁

    Aubrey Keylook approves of watching the Disney Channel Movies. 👍
    So glad you are back!!

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  8. I’M SO HAPPY YOU SAW FELLOWSHIP (I’ve been living on Lord of the Rings since I was like 4 so it’s been my life and seeing someone introduced to it and loving it is just !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)(also since I grew up with it I always forget how dark it is and am like yeah, those orcs are really gross)
    YES. THE SHIRE IS THE BEST. Hobbits “truly are amazing creatures”
    AGH BOROMIR. He has always been my favorite and I am STILL not over his death.
    Are you going to watch the next two??????? (they are darker more glorious and will ripe your heart and stamp on it but so amazing just GAH)

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  9. I love love love lord of the rings they are so amazing as both books and films. Everyone loves the hobbits but I also have a special place in my heart for legolas who is sooo like me. He’s so sweet and quiet but he says so much with his eyes and when he does say something it’s definitely worth hearing

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  10. You’re back!
    I recently watched this set of movies too! I didn’t love it, but they were also really long and I don’t know that I was in the right mindset to be watching movies.
    However, I can definitely see that there was a good plot and setting. And most of the characters were interesting. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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  11. Welcome back, friend!! So glad to have you back!!
    And!! I LOVE LOTR!!! EEEEK! IT’S SO GOOD! I have never seen the movies, but I have read the first book and I am currently on the second one and loving it!!
    We own the movies, I just have not watched them yet. Thanks for sharing this incredible review!!
    So glad to see you on here again, sis!
    your fellow LOTR fan girl,
    kaelyn 😛

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  12. I would love a P&P movie comparison! I’m about to read it (I’ve promised myself THIS MONTH I WILL) and I’m definitely planning to watching one of the movies after 😆

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  13. I LOVE The Lord of the Rings (huge fan) and I am so, so, so glad that you enjoyed the movies. Have you read the books?

    Out of the two Pride & Prejudice adaptations, the 2005 movie is my personal favorite. YES for the 2009 Emma!!! My favorite Jane Austen book/adaptation.

    I’d love to read your comparison post of the the two P&P adaptations. 😁

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  14. EEEK! LORD OF THE RINGS! THE BEST BOOKS AND MOVIES ON EARTH! I’m so glad that you watched Fellowship and enjoyed it!! 😃
    I adore Pride and Prejudice: the book, the 2005 movie, the 1980 miniseries, and the 1995 miniseries. (*whispers* but 1995 is the best *nods*) I’d love a comparison post!

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  15. I’m soooo happy that you loved LOTR! The entire trilogy is by far my favorite! I watched the entire trilogy every year on the dot, and every time it gets better.

    Pride and Prejudice the 2005 movie is just a gem!

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    YES I HAVE SEEN LOTR (I read the book first and appreciated the movie way more due to that) (the book is even more epic but perhaps by a smidge just because the music isn’t included) (also because the book is always better)
    Not that you actually asked to know that….
    But, honestly, that’s the truth. LOTR is amazing and I love it to pieces.
    My favorite character is most definitely Merry!!!!! He’s extremely underappreciated in the fandom, and they make him a bit of an idiot in the movie, even though he was actually super observant and smart and a tad bit nerdy in the book.
    I also love Pippin. Ah, that idiot. *ruffles his hair* He’s like me: Food is his number one priority. (Along with being rather naive and not always knowing what’s going on).
    I don’t like Frodo as much, because the movies makes him super whiny (he is a bit whiny in the book but not half as much as in the movie).
    Sam is a bean. Merry is the absolute bean, though. In my opinion.
    Aragorn is epic. I’m not one of those creepy Aragorn fangirls, just saying, because…well, they’re creepy, and besides Hobbits are better. *hides from the legions of fangirls who come after her* But Aragorn is cool.
    I didn’t use to like Legolas all that much because he…honestly doesn’t say anything helpful in either the book or the movie and mostly stands around making weird or extremely pensive faces, but I’ve come to like him more. (I’m still not a creepy Legolas fangirl, and I never will be).
    Boromir is wonderful!!! I love his interaction with Merry and Pippin in the movie. It’s so sweet, like when he teaches them to fight. He also tries saving them in both the book AND the movie, which is just…ah.
    Gandalf is the best wizard to exist in the history of ever and I will fight anyone who disagrees. *Gandalf nods in approval*
    And Gimli!! Can’t forget Gimli! Gimli is also one of my favorite characters. He’s also honestly a lot like me: He likes to eat (especially meat). He can’t run long distances very well. He’s crabby and cantankerous and a loyal friend, and he also has a humorous side.
    Sorry bout that extremely long character explanation. Just be lucky you’ve never heard me talking about the Silmarillion. :p

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  17. YES! LOTR! SO glad you enjoyed it!! I would LOVE to see your thoughts on the second and third installment as you watch them!! One of the best stories of all time. And I feel like you hit just about every point. The characters–love them!! Sam is totally my boi, but each of them really has such a significant and distinct place. Aragorn literally is perfection XD YES! And Gandalf and Gimli and Legolas and–ugh, I just need to go rewatch these now. Thanks for that. Oh, and the Shire. Our beloved, beautiful Shire. AND THAT MUSIC! *disappears for months so she can rewatch these in all their glory*

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  18. Hi!! So, found this when looking up LOTR posts to read…. I know. I’m weird. I LOVE LOTR!!!! (Sry…. total fan-girl… and I only just started the last book…) Anyway, I have watched the first two movies!! I LOVE them!! At the boat scene near the end I got emotional. (which never really happens to me…) I can’t pick a fav character!!! XD I love them all!!!!! Well, have an amazing day!!!


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