Answering Your Frightening Questions (Part 1)



Hello, my beans.

It seems again, I have underestimated you. 

When I posted my desperate request for questions I thought that at best, I would get about 15 comments or so. After all, Q&As just don’t seem to be so hot on WordPress right now. So I was fully ready for an underwhelming response, but to type up the answers that my faithful followers had given me questions for in one post, and call it a day. 



I think I always underestimate how sweet you beans are always going to be to me.

I got 34 comments.

And each comment included 3 questions. 

Seriously, sometimes I stop blogging for a while get too focused on the negative of social media and blogging. I’m afraid that I won’t be liked or that my posts will fall flat. That people will dislike me or judge me or sizzle with hate against my posts.

But then I start interacting with my followers.

And there’s just so much kindness on Jane Austen’s Lightsaber.

So much love. 

So much care.

You beans are so encouraging and loving.

SO MANY of you beans added encouraging messages to your questions, and honestly? I really needed them. Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words. I was in desperate need of some words to me keep me going, and they blessed me so much.

You make my feel loved. Like my posts matter when they show up in your inbox.

And that keeps me going.

As I said. 

You guys asked me SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! And good ones too! You guys are going to make this a fun Q&A session.

I really wanted to answer everyone’s questions this time, so I just decided to break this Q&A up into a few different parts. And to make sure there’s no monotony, I’m going to try sprinkle a some random unrelated posts in between for some razzle dazzle.

giphy (4)
me sprinkling in other posts in between the Q&As to break it up in a satisfying way

(Because given how drawn out I can make these things, it’ll be a relief.)

So that’s enough rambling. LET’S GET TO YOUR QUESTIONS!


Emily asked:



Who’s your favorite Disney Princess and why?

tenor (6)



But really, as the GIF explains, I think I’m going to say Princess Anna of Arendelle. I relate to her so much. She’s dorky, awkward, not a morning person, and loves her family so much. Her personality and voice are so sweet, and I’d be right at home with Anna as my best friend.

Her charm, focus (yet absentmindedness), sweetness are just totally endearing. She’s different than any other Disney Princess, and in a really good way. She’s brave and determined, but never pushy about. I love that her strength flows through her quietly, shining brightly. And that strength is always focused at her family and loving them.

stop looking at Elsa and focus on Anna (and Sven)

And if we’re being totally honest, Anna does about 99.9% of saving the world in Frozen franchise. She saves Elsa (at least three times), was the reason Elsa even had the revelation about how to stop the eternal winter, saves and releases the Northuldra, breaks a stinking dam all by herself, watched her parents, her sister, AND her best friend die AND brought them back to life. (Her sister and best friend, anyway.)

this SCENE though


Anna is just truly the MVP of the Disney Princesses. 


And creeping in a a close second would definitely be Rapunzel. My obsession with her is more of a newer thing, but she is just so adorable! Her naivety and fun loving spirit used to annoy me when I was a kid (I don’t know what was wrong with me), but now it’s my favorite aspect of her character.

her hair though! wow!

If you’d like a better overview of how amazing Rapunzel is, you should probably ask my sister though. Her favorite Princess movie is Tangled (who can blame her?) and she could give you ALL the goods about Tangled and will probably answer any questions about how she feels about that movie in the comments. (Drop ’em below if ya like. I’ll see if I can get her to answer.)



What is your MBTI and Ennegram? 


Well, the only one I’ve really ever looked a lot into is the MBTI, so I couldn’t really tell you much about the Ennegram.

I’ll be honest. I don’t like talking about my MBTI type up here. Because then you guys may jUdGe me and trust me, I really hate my personality type. 

And we kind of talk about personality types a lot of on the Internet. It’s kind of an obsession everyone has.

MBTI stuff getting thrown in my face every time I open up the Internet


If you must know, I am an INFP. 

Yeah, I know what you’re all thinking.

tenor (7)


^^^You think that this is all us INFPs do, don’t you? You think all we do is lay on the floor and cry.

I can’t believe you people are still stereotyping INFPs to just be big crybabies who don’t do anything.

I dearly hope that I can prove you all wrong. 

Most of you think we’re just sensitive, thoughtful, crying baby snowflakes who don’t help society at all. And you’re wrong.

We’re really more like THIS:

giphy (7)


There is usually food involved. And that’s a big difference.


Like I said, I really dislike being an INFP because well, it’s just not that fun. Every time I look at a MBTI reaction chart the INFP is just usually crying. Which is kind of funny (because it is unfortunately true) buuuuuuuut it gets old after a while.

I once had a friend say that they took me for an ENFP instead, which was an understatement to say I was extremely flattered by that. But unfortunately I can’t claim that to be true. 16 Personalities is fairly accurate (it was for me, at least) and it it has placed the disgrace of being an INFP on me. (You guys don’t have to leave me comments about labeling myself – I’m just joking. But I still hate being an INFP.)



If Cinderella’s shoe fit her perfectly, then why did it fall off?:

giphy (1)


This one really stumped me for a while. 

You are good, Emily. Very good.

But let’s see. I think I know the answer to this one*.

In the original fairytale (Disney left out these elements of the story) the prince’s ball went on for three days. The prince got increasingly annoyed with Cinderella just dramatically exiting the scene every night before poor Prince Charming could even get her number.

So he decided to set down some sticky tar on the floors to trap Cinderella from running away again. (Reasonable, yet creative reaction.) Cinderella managed to get away anyway, but her shoe stuck in the tar and slipped off.

But she kept on getting it.

Cinderella power running to her carriage


Is that a slightly strange backstory? Yes. But it makes a surprising amount of sense.

(I bet most of you didn’t think I would answer like that, did you?)

source (3)



Skipper Spirit asked:


What’s your favorite genre (to read or write in) and why?


Let’s see if I can sum up my favorite genres (to read AND write) in three GIFs:



tumblr_ng9kczeakp1tpddqgo3_500 (1)



You guessed it – I love action-adventure, fantasy, and middle grade!

I’m serious beans – even just THINKING about these genres make me happy inside.


tenor (9)
me when I find a action-adventure fantasy within the age group of middle grade


I know, I know. I’m basically an over grown child. But I am so passionate about these genres.

I grew up on middle grade even into my teenage years, and I’ve loved action and adventure since forever. And even though fantasy has been a newer obsession of mine, I have fallen head over heels with it.

There’s something extra special about these genres. The wonder and excitement of middle grade. The new worlds and escapism of fantasy. The thrill of exhilaration in action-adventure. 

It takes us to different worlds. Give us new perspectives. Helps to heal our hurts and meet new people who think like us. And we can always return back to Earth a little braver than before.

These genres are more than just something to put by your bedside table. They’re portals to other worlds. They gives us bites of encouragement to keep going. They give us new friends.

And that’s why they’re so important to me. 

I’m sorry. Sometimes I get sentimental about writing



If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?



I thought carefully about this for a while, and after some serious thought, I think I’d have to say I’d be a gryphon.



I almost said a dragon, but my true allegiance are with the gryphons. I feel like they’re a totally underappreciated mythical creature.

It doesn’t just combine one animal that everyone loves, but TWO. (Luckily, I like both eagles and lions.) They’re so majestic, beautiful, and sassy. Who wouldn’t love a gryphon as a pet?

As some of you may remember, the very low key mascot of my blog is Kevin the gyphon. He can’t make many appearances to my blog, mostly because he’s in charge of the technical aspects of Jane Austen’s Lightsaber. I’m just the writer here. Kevin handles monitoring comments, checking grammar (he’s not very good at it, as you can tell), formatting posts, and deleting spam. (He’s actually the one who’s responsible for the replying to spam comments post. I didn’t even know these comments existed until he showed them to me.)

So yes, I’d most definitely be a gryphon. They can fly, they can still talk (important for me), and they’re just all around epic.

But also, at the same time, I kind of wish I was a bulbasaur. For no reason in particular.

tenor (3)


I don’t know. It just feels good.

EDIT: I’m reading this post again and I can’t believe I said bulbasaur and then put a GIF of a Squirtle 🤦🤦 SORRY. That is embarrassing.



Why are love triangles so looked down upon in fiction, yet why do people love them so much?


unnamed (1)


Honestly? That’s a great question.

I don’t really know. It’s kinda the in thing to have a strong opinion about it, I guess.

Unlike most people, I adore love triangles. They’re engaging, keep you guessing, and I love picking a team. Like any trope, it cane be done poorly or well. I still haven’t read a book yet with a bad love triangle, mostly because I really enjoy the trope. But of course, I feel like I’m in the minority.

But like all things, my opinion about this may change. There have been tropes I have been fiery about hating in the past that I love now.

tenor (10)

I think that perhaps there are still a lot of people who really like love triangles, because books containing this trope still sell. I guess they are just not as vocal about their opinion as others are when it comes to reviewing books.

I know that may decrease other people’s opinion of me. But what can I say? It’s a splendid trope.

Now, of course it’s unrealistic. But so are dragons, and I love them too.

giphy (3)



Meredith asked:



Favorite One Direction Song?


Fun Fact: I’ve actually never listened to a One Direction Song before today.

tenor (12)
it was already confirmed I lived under a rock


I found this surprising myself. You’d think I would have at least heard a One Direction song at a store or playing in the background somewhere.

But if my memory continues to serve me correctly, I don’t think I have.

So I did look around a little, and it seems like “Drag Me Down” is pretty fire. The beat is on point, and honestly, I’d love to dance around the house by myself to this one.


source (4)
how I feel listening to One Direction songs


Now I want to know. How do YOU feel about this song, Meredith?




Are you able to talk in cursive?



I…….don’t know. Can I???

The internet seems to be rather vague in describing what talking in cursive actually means. And there are quite a few definitions as well.

Some say it’s just slurring your speech. I mean, I guess I could do this. I’ve never explicitly tried, but I think I could do it.

Others say it’s just speaking with a French accent. Now that, I can do. Not extremely well, but I can do it a little. I watched several videos on how a few months ago, so I got a small understanding of it.

So can I do it? Am I pretending I don’t know to protect my secret? I guess the world will never know. 

giphy (9)




What has been your favorite part of being quarantine/favorite quarantine memory?

tenor (5)


But really, I LOVE how I haven’t had to do anything. We hardly ever leave the house now. And even when we go to get food, it’s always take out.

Good gracious, I love it so much. 

I’m a homebody. The only time I am pleased with vacating the house is if we are heading out for a vacation.

Now that errands and trips are now at a bare (and I really mean bare) minimum, it maximizes the time I spend happy and safe. Quarantine could go on for a while and I’d probably be secretly happy.

giphy (10)
me while everyone is whining about quarantine


One of my favorite memories would probably starting on my book again and sharing it with my family. That’s always a favorite memory for me, but this novel has been very special to me, and sharing it with them as we’ve been locked away has been super sweet. ❤



Okay, I should probably stop there for today. I was hoping to do like, ten of you commenters this time (HA), but that apparently didn’t happen. But we’re already at 2,300 words and you beans are probably procrastinating something and need to get back to it. If your questions weren’t answered today, PLEASE DON’T BE SAD, because I am still planning on answering a lot more. You beans gave me SO MANY DANG GOOD QUESTIONS and I am so excited to answer them. I literally cannot wait for Part 2.




How have you been lately? Are you excited for the next part of the questions? Did I answer your questions this time? What did you think of my answers? Do you like fantasy, action-adventure, or middle grade. (If you like middle grade, I will personally give you chocolate chip cookies.)


*As of when I Googled it, five minutes ago.

30 thoughts on “Answering Your Frightening Questions (Part 1)

  1. ahem. YOU HAVE READ TATTERED WINGS WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT ABOUT INFPs LAYLA IS AN INFP. Anyone who says they are big crybabies who don’t do anything can contend with Layla. That is all. ☺️
    kevin should show up more often
    If you can really talk in cursive I’m so jealous because I think it’s absolutely hilarious and I love it.
    I can’t wait for part two!!!
    (I’ve read almost every MG book in the library cookies pwease…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WAIT WHAT SHE’S AN INFP???? I DID NOT TAKE HER FOR ONE!!! 😳😳 But bahahaha it’s okay bc my main character (the one from the book you read 👀) is actually an INFP too???? We can all cry together 😂😂
      (I know right? He really should. He’s too sassy though 🤦)
      AHHHH thank you???? I’m flattered when people say they like my accents 😂
      Meep! Thank you! Me too!
      (JAUSGBAJAJS you have???? *sends a dump truck of cookies to your house*
      Thank you for this wonderful comment 💕


  2. This was such a fun post to read!! I seriously love your use of GIFs. And I love all of those genres too! I love fantasy, action, and middle grade!!! 😀
    Excited to read part two!!
    -kaelyn 😛


  3. I love your gif-splattered, long posts. 😉 I mean, I’d be a hypocrite to judge you for long posts but I really do like seeing your posts since they’re always so fun!

    And hey, I used to be an INFP before 16personalities decided I was an INTP. So no shade on my youth, madam!! 😛 Also, love triangles…I’m not a fan. But then again, I’m not a fan of romance either…but I don’t eye you with an eye of judgment for liking the illuminati of love. *nods*

    Awaiting part two with anxiousness whilst procrastinating…


  4. *facepalm* INFPs are amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (including yourself). I’m an ISTJ, and I need INFPs in my life.

    And whoaaa I didn’t think you’d be able to answer the Cinderella one. Good job.


  5. WAIT I LOVE MIDDLE GRADE ACTION ADVENTURE FANTASY STORIES (tho tbh fantasy has been getting on my lASt nErVe with its cookie cutter plots and characters. ugghhhhhhhh) Tho obviously the Rick Rioiddufhbkjan books (I canNOT figure out how to spell his name) are my faves? But hAVE YOU READ THE ARU SHAH SERIES THEY ARE AMAZING I CAN’T WAIT TO GET THE 3RD BOOK I’M SERIOUS IF YOU HAVEN’T TRY TO FIND THEM SOMEWHERE ooohhhkay I’m fine. (and even tho I love middle grade I can’t figure out how to write one but that’s okay)
    I hope your April was gREAT and May the force be with you!!!


  6. This was SO MUCH FUN!! I loved reading this. (AND. YES YES YES, action-adventure and fantasy. The Narnia and Wonder GIFs made me happy. 🙂 )


  7. Loved this! These questions and your answers were great! Also may I just say, I love how you voice your preferences and opinions that are usually in the minority (like love triangles) and are so confident about them. It’s taken me a long time to be confident about stuff I like when others don’t. YES! All those genres are AMAZING!


  8. I am an INFP, too. I didn’t know the stereotype was to be a crier, but I also don’t take too much stalk in stereotypes. 😉 (But at the same time, I can be an emotional reck sometimes).


  9. “and you beans are probably procrastinating something and need to get back to it.”
    Man, I feel so called out o.0

    Loved these answers, Penny! X’D and seriously I did NOT expect you to answer that shoe question XD lol. (but that was an awesome answer)
    ALSO. I definitely never thought of INFPs as crybabies. I mean…I haven’t spent a TON of time reading up on that MBTI, but from what I’ve heard, they’re just INTPs, but a little more emotional. 😉 *shrugs*, so I think that’s actually cool that you’re an INFP!

    PS. Have you rEAd Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson????????? If not, YOU HAVE TO READ IT PENNY. It’s Middle grade. It’s Fantasy. It’s ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. and LIFE RUININGLY SORROWFUL. And—and the plot—and and ahhhhhhhhhhh just R E A D I T!!!!!!!


  10. This post = GOLD
    Ooo I’m also an INFP!! *fist bump* 👊🏼 And yes, Drag Me Down is pretty fire.
    I’ve been enjoying quarantine as well. I definitely didn’t realize I was this introverted until this shown thing started XD
    Hope you’re continuing to stay safe and healthy, Penny! ♥️♥️ (thanks fo answering my questions! ☺️)


  11. Lovely post foxtastic Bean!!! I love it all!!!!💞
    Oh my gum but…the question about Cinderella…..😵🤯
    Hope you are having an epic day my friend! Keep up the amazing job!! Your posts always make me smile!!🥰


  12. LOL this was so fun to read 😂 Your Cinderella explanation was GENIUS! And…I think I need to start taking ‘How to Speak Cursive’ classes because I’m not informed in that area of life…😳


  13. I love this Q&A!

    I don’t really see INFPs being stereotyped as criers. I’ve always read that we’re more the type to bottle our emotions inside. That’s certainly what I relate to.

    Those genres are great! Plus you used a GIF of Sabrina Carpenter soooo…

    Love Triangles aren’t bad imo.

    Yes, Drag Me Down is a pretty great song!

    “The only time I am pleased with vacating the house is if we are heading out for a vacation.” SAME! But the quarantine cancelled a trip for us, so I was pretty upset.

    Ok, so it seems we’re very similar.

    Can’t wait for more of this Q&A!


  14. Oh no! I literally wrote the most gigantic comment ever and it’s gone. 😥 I’ll just have to say, I love this post, all of your answers are EPIC, and I can’t wait for the next part! ❤ *hugs*
    May the Fourth be with you! 😉


    1. Oooh! Also! If you like MG and fantasy, you should try The Wingfeather Saga (if you haven’t already 😛 )!! It’s both of those genres in one and IT’S LITERALLY THE BEST SERIES EVER HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!!! I can’t say how absolutely lovely and fun (also sad!) those books are (i haven’t read the last two yet because LIBRARIES AREN’T OPEN 😡). ❤ ❤ The best part is they’re written by a Christian, Andrew Peterson (i’m ranting about this and for all i know you’ve already read them. xD)!
      Just seriously. Go read them. Peet the Sock Man is the best. *cries*


  15. I’m an INFP, lol. And yes… I’m a crier at times. XD
    Okay, so, most YA books have bad stuff in them (Blast it.)…. so I normally read out of the Young People section…. which means I have read a lot of middle grade books. XD *You are not alone…*
    I cannot wait for you to answer my questions!!


  16. This is so entertaining. XD

    YAY FOR ANNA!! I know a lot of people who think she’s annoying but I love her SO MUCH.

    I love love triangles that are//thematically relevant//. Otherwise no haha.

    I’m an INFJ/INFP and I can confirm that people are like…wait you’re nto always crying. And yes I’m insanely productive haha. Anyone can develop good habits!!


  17. Thank you for answering our questions! I loved the answers for all of them, and your Cinderella one was especially clever!
    Gryphons should definitely be in literature more! I’m now going to be looking for different ways to incorporate them into my stories. ;3
    INFPs are great! And I’m not just saying that cuz I am one. 😉 Yes, we do cry, but only after we’ve held in our emotions so long, they absolutely need to come out. I know a lot of people say this, but it’s true- you are an amazing person with many things to share with the world! You are the best person you can be, and you are dearly loved by God. ❤
    Love triangles are one of my favorite tropes as well! Sure, they may be stereotyped, but the reason why is because they're amazing. ^_^
    Can't wait to read more of the Q&A!
    Be blessed!!


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