How To Write The Perfect Fantasy Novel: A Roasting In All Genres Part 3

Now even though she’s a strong, feisty, independent woman who don’t need no man, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have some sort of scene where she’s being dramatically carried in her lover’s arms, injured and afraid. #YouLiterallyCanNotGoWrong

Hello dudes and dudettes!



Along with my hiatus came my break from my series in roasting genres, which I was a wee bit sad. These posts were always so much fun to write, and it seems they were loved by everyone.

But now since I’ve finished my novel and sent it to alpha readers, and both special Star Wars holidays are over, we are getting back into the roasting genre series!!!!!


Since Part 1 AND Part 2 lots of you guys have been begging for a fantasy roast. It took a little while to crank this one out, but I think you’ll enjoy.

And so it begins………

First, let’s meet our main character, Celebrían Chin’nesstre.

As you may have noted, she’s VERY VERY PLAIN. NO ONE THINKS SHE’S PRETTY.

Since no ones really knows how to pronouce names in fantasy stories (and Celebrían is no exception – what are those apostrophes doing there anyway?), we’ll just call her Celery for now.

Now of course, it’s very important to pay attention here and NEVER stray away from blonde haired, blue eyed females for the MC. (Usually making them a chosen one of some sort makes this even better.) It is STRICTLY forbidden to let your MC be anything else than a perfect looking white skinned female. It’s mostly frowned upon to have any sort of ethnic diversity, and Asians, Hawaiians, Russians, Indians, and Native Americans? Well, they don’t really exist in fantasy novels. (Note: Occasionally, it is permitted to have a dark skinned side character, but that is where their roles and diversity stops.)

When it comes to Celery’s personality, she doesn’t really have one. Except if you count the only personality girls have in fantasy books – feisty, angsty, and sassy.

Before we get on with anything relevant to the actual story, let’s make sure we have a really good prologue. Celery is hurrying to get to The Fair, and she’s never late for the fair.

The Fair usually looks something like this.

Take it from an expert: NEVER deviate from this market thing. #Classic

(IMPORTANT NOTE TO CONSIDER: I seriously recommend never, ever, EVER, deviating from Medieval England when thinking up your setting. Pay close attention here: The only setting you should ever have is this: 1200’s Medieval England with randomly magical qualities. Do not consider even moving to a different country, time, or actually thinking up a decent or original magic system. Do you understand me?)

Young Celery will soon look down on her perfect blonde braid and think of her father. She does remember much – he died when she was so young, but she remembers his strong hands, whenever he fished or carpentered or whatever he did with them.

Of course, she’s only been at the bustling market for much too short when she realizes she’s late and must hurry home to her mother. She gently chides Celery as she gulps down some porridge. (Don’t worry, the mom will be dead by page 42, so she won’t be around to worry Celery much longer.)

And the useless prologue, now drawing to a close, ends with this:

“And then, just like that, everything changed.”

When she turned sixteen (#TheMagicalAge) suddenly a wizard visits her. (Where did this old man with a long white beard guy even come from?? He might as well have floated out of the sky on a dragon – you know what? This is already ridiculous. Let’s make that what happens.) He tells Celery in what becomes the most shocking plot twist ever devised for a YA fantasy: that Celery is, in fact, The Chosen One.


What does this MEAN, Celery demands to know.

Be careful to note here: Being The Chosen One means you can ONLY be called to use her magical powers (which she strangely never noticed before?) to defeat the Evil People™ (usually some sort of royalty), who has held the world under an iron rule for so, so long.

(The Chosen One must never do anything else but this said Prophecy. Are you following?)

Even though Celery’s never believed in such things, is this what they call destiny?

And then, since we needed another shocking plot twist, in the same day, Celery also finds out that SHE IS A PRINCESS!!!!

How did she not know this?! I mean, how many more peasant servants who are actually secret royalty can they find?

Celery is shocked.

But, as you do, she is begrudgingly brought to the castle where she agrees to living in the castle, as that is what you do when you find out you are secretly royalty.

Suddenly, randomly, completely off the wall, a extremely handsome and strangely young captain of the royal guard comes back from one of his usual trips to the Other Kingdom™ and bumps into Celery, and strangely, holds a gruff and awkward conversation with her.

Celery is annoyed by his gruffness to her, but she can’t help but notice how handsome he is.

Even his name betrays his good looks.

Captain Dior Elanjar.

And they must look exactly like this, you know

giphy (1)

^^Not even sorry, this is how I feel when I read books that have a character like this, and the author literally describes him like she has a crush on him.

Dior is very gruff and strict with Celery, and since she is such an independent, strong woman who hates being told what to do, she loves this, as you imagine she would.

But yet, he feels there is something special about her. And he tells this to Celery.

What a strange thought, thinks Celery. To have someone believe in me?

Is this, what it feels like to be in love?

(#celerydidnotknowwhatlovemeant #butshethoughtshedidandthatwasenough)

Since Celery does have her own private bedroom suite at this point (why..?), as you would guess, she needs a makeover so she can eat at the king’s table with him. So in a pointless, facepalm worthy scene, she is transformed from this:


into THIS:


gorgeous, dahling

And now, she is transformed into the princess that she truly is.

Now that she is ready for her dinner with the king, she is surprised to find that there is someone else at the table with them.

A visiting duke from the nearby Other Kingdom™, Zephyr Soren.

what IS it with these names???

Celery ALSO finds Zephyr extremely nice to look at, and is he perhaps, a little smitten with her as well? He flirts like he is during dinner.

But this does not make sense. No one would like her. She is a plain, boring looking girl. Why would he ever want her, all dressed up, plastered in makeup, and with her amazing features???

Oh dear. Is it possible now that she might have to choose BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT GUYS???

giphy (2).gif

giphy (3).gif

giphy (1).gif

giphy (4).gif

When she takes a stroll in the gardens, she finds that the palace dogs are attracted to her, and she seems to have a way with them.

Also, since we’re on the subjects of her perfect and amazing abilities, might I add here that she is also a flawless NATURAL on the piano, even though she has never played it a day before in her life. (also why does this world have pianos?) And even though she has never made any mention of it at all, when she plays this piano, she is music. She breathes music. She lives music. And her voice is like an angel’s.

(and oh wait she can also use magic too. #dontforgetthat)

(Another Important Note: Your female MC absolutely MUST be amazing when it comes to dogs, animals, music, horses and horseback riding, and archery. (Quite the array, is it not?) She must be perfect in these types of skill levels. She must never have an affinity for making things, pretty clothes, cats, AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES, NOT BAKING OR COOKING.)

And Chior and Zephyr definitely take a noticing.

But oh yeah. This is supposed to be suspenseful and action packed. Can’t lie about what we said in the blurb. So we should definitely throw in some random scenes where Celery is plotting against the Evil People™ and hunting them down and using her magic against them, fighting side by side with Dior. (perhaps there might even be a…..kiss???) (but then so much angst because Zephyr gave her a present just the night before and she thought she loved HIM most!!!!)

Free cliche character inspiration
Why does every fantasy villain look like this

Will Celery ever learn to use her magic to defeat the Evil People? Who REALLY was behind her sudden ascent to royalty? And most importantly, WHICH BOY WILL SHE CHOOSE????????

The title of this masterpiece?

The Last Throne Of The Unhewn Blade

and since there are no stand alones in fantasy, and it wouldn’t be a fantasy series without a “chronicles”,

The Glass Magician Chronicles Book 1

And of course here are AESTHETICCCCCSSSSS



Wow. That was, that was bad. At least I hope it was. You weren’t supposed to like it – this is rather cheesy in my opinion.

Like wow. It seems as though most fantasy books on the market are just a deviant (or sometimes, we don’t even stray from it at all) of this plot.

I understand sometimes it’s hard to deviate from this plot because that’s all we’ve been fed, so our brains have to work extremely hard to come up with something original, and it is very easy to take the lazy way out and fall back on this standard premise and character idea menagerie.

I understand this. Fantasy can be a tricky world to work with, especially when it’s not your strong suit. (#preachingtomyself)

But we’ll never get rid of these stereotypes of YA fantasy if we never try to do something different!

Let’s look at a few different ideas for shaking up a cliche fantasy plot:

  • iT dOeSnT hAvE tO bE a RoMaNcE I’ll be the first to say, I ADORE a book with a good romance. (And while I find love triangles painful, I love a shipping war XD) But, I would find it very interesting to read a really well written and deep fantasy book that isn’t about romance. There are MANY other relationships to explore, from true friendship to siblings to parents to aunts and uncles to grandparents to cousins and young and old and everything in between!
  • PLEASE LET ME SEE GUY MCs YA fantasy is notorious for its overuse of the 16-20 year old female protagonist. I’d really love to see some guys as main characters! It would be great to read it from their point of view and feelings. I’ll definitely stan more dudes and the main characters in fantasy, and other genres as well!
  • Consider different settings This is hard for me as well, because as a person who is not exactly……creative in that area, it can be difficult/near impossible to come up with original setting ideas. But I guess we should all admit – medieval England is a bit overused! Sometimes, just executing even this cliche setting can be done well, as long as you put some thought and effort into it. But also, try thinking of some new ideas to bounce around in your head for settings. What about Arabia? Or China? Or Iceland? Or maybe even North America? The world is an incredible place – pay attention to God’s creativity in his Earth and mix it into yours!
  • Does the MC have to be a teenager? This is an interesting thought. What if your main character was the age of the mother in your story? Or even grandfather age? Or maybe a little child? This really gives you an opportunity for a new and unique voice and take on a fantasy tale.

And that’s just a few ideas!

Of course, I’m trying to teach myself here as well. I’m learning too.


Was that fake fantasy novel pretty bad? What is the worst fantasy novel you’ve ever read? What about your favorite? Are you happy that the genre roasting series is back? What genre should I do next? What fantasy cliches drive you bonkers?


68 thoughts on “How To Write The Perfect Fantasy Novel: A Roasting In All Genres Part 3

  1. CELERY. *dies laughing, as she pushes all of her WIPs under a bookshelf…* they’re not cliche I promise *crosses fingers and cringes*
    In all honesty though, I completely agree with you. The moment the 17 year old female protag is described as “not being pretty” and the cover has her beautiful air-brushed face on it, I just gag and then like die right there. 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Do not fret. I have ONE TOO MANY cringey, cliche books hidden under my bed, ne’er to be seen again XD
      And right??? Staaaahhhhppp with the airbrushed perfection!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OH. MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH. I actually laughed out loud reading this and this was so funny, i love this series to death. Did you name her Celery because she has, in fact, the emotional range of one? XD
    i want to see you do Generic YA Fiction Novel next. Like something John Green or Jenny Han would write. pLEASE???

    Liked by 4 people

  3. CELERY. XDXDXDXD She could have been named Beenlinglorius, for all I care. XD THIS IS PRICELESS!!! I’m seriously dying over here! You got it so. spot. on. Like, for real.
    YES, why can’t there be more male MCs????? They are such a wonderful change from the usual independent, pretty but thinks she’s not pretty, perfect at everything females I read about ALL THE TIME. Definitely one of my favorites so far. 😀
    Oh yes. My reaction exactly to Dior. Oh yes, I DO NOT LIKE ROMANCE. I mean, I do sometimes, but not like that cliche horror you have put before me. *gags**gags again**opens a window for fresh air*
    Well done, I say!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AH. Thank you. Your comments are always glorious to me.
      And RIGHT??? Like is this even a thing??? Female MCs are nice, but they are overdone in the only personality authors know how to write 🙄
      ME TOO MA’AM, ME TOO. Dior is delightfully gag worthy.
      I agree! Romance is good sometimes! But not ALL the time, and definitely not like most fantasy novels *facepalm*
      Thank you for this amazing comment!!

      Liked by 1 person

    (sarcasm ^^)
    I love these posts. They’re amazingly hilarious. It’s spectacular.

    Emily ||

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Oh my goodness. The genius of this story idea. I have NEVER read a story like this one.

    While I do enjoy a good romance in a story (as long as it doesn’t cross certain lines), sometimes I wish there wasn’t one in certain stories. As in, it doesn’t fit the story or was completely unnecessary. And while the love triangle can be used for good, most of the time it is such a worn out, cliché, detestable plot tool that I gag over it. And it also makes me think that the poor girl in the middle of it doesn’t truly care for either guy?? I mean… come on! If you truly loved one of them it shouldn’t be so hard to choose!!

    I am so glad to know that I’m doing some things right with my fantasy novel. The MC is a guy (a teenager of course, sorry), there’s no romance of any kind, but… I’m thinking it is going to turn into a series. 😮 Also it’s in another world, so. But Arabia, Iceland… those are great ideas!!! 😀

    Great post, Penny!

    One thing I’m tired of is the lack of dark blonde + dark eyed combination in books these days. That’s the way I am, and I rarely (if ever) read about someone who looks like me. It’s always yellow-haired blue-eyed girls. Also, I wish blondes weren’t portrayed as either stupid/narcissists/bullies/damsels in distress, and then it’s the red-haired girls who are fiery and independent with every boy within a hundred miles attracted to them (except for that one who isn’t worth having and is of course attracted to the dumb-witless-blonde), and the poor brown-haired girl who is convinced she is plain and nobody likes her but she is actually going to turn out to be this genius beauty.

    Uggghhhh there are a lot of stereotypes having to do with looks that I don’t like. :-{(

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, like, no one has ever thought of a story like this, amirite? 😆
      Agreed. Romance is not a bad thing, but it’s extremely useless in a lot of stories (I think 50% of novels today would be a lot better without the romance part, tbh.) And love triangles are quite ridiculous, I agree.
      Oh! A guy. Nice. I don’t really care if people don’t like my advice, it’s there if ya want it and you can ignore it if ya don’t!
      Haha, those are pretty common tropes. They sound like a lot of lazy writing to me. I think it’s about time we start thinking outside the box as writers!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. this was amazing XD I also would love to see someone write something where the MC is plain and it doesn’t matter? Like she doesn’t care and neither does anyone else?? Like these girls are worrying about how they look WAY too much

    Liked by 3 people

    1. THANK YOU! I really appreciate that! Also YES!!! I really want to see a book where the main girl DOESNT CARE what she looks like. That would be awesome.


    1. That I will, Kassie! Thank you kindly! I really love writing these for you guys.
      And right? It’s like they can’t think of anything else?? 😆😆

      Liked by 1 person


    Oh my word Penny I laughed SO HARD (in my heart bc, you know, i never laugh out loud) reading this!!!!! Auuugghhhh!!!! You know, all those points you made up there about stereotyping were SOLID TRUTH. No one writes about middle-aged men who accidentally wind up in other galaxies anymore! So boring! (lol)

    On that note, though… what you said about the new setting thing… SOME MORE TRUTH, y’know? You do a good job following your own truths, btw. Just sayin’. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      Thank you! I’m so glad you laughed and thought it had some truth! (Also mIDDLE AGED DUDES IN OTHER GALAXIES I NEED THIS XD)
      Aww, Merie. You’re too sweet. Thanks. Your comments make it worth blogging. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  8. How am I only now just finding your blog? Ohmyword, you are so funny! 🤣 And this post is just perfect. (Except I’m feeling really self-conscious because I’m writing my first fantasy novel and *SURPRISE* it’s a medieval setting. 🤦‍♀️) Great post and can’t wait to read more!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. How did I not know about YOUR blog sooner?? I love it (#hedgehogs)
      Thank you! I really appreciate that!!! ❤️ (Aww, don’t be. I still think medieval settings can be done really well – they just take work, like any writing project. You can totally do it!)
      Thank you so much! ❤️😀


      1. Aww, thanks! 😍
        I mean I have to agree…the medieval setting is WAY overused. Thanks for the encouragement! I don’t even want to say how many times I’ve been on the verge of throwing my story in the trash. 😛
        Are you going to do a christian novel roasting? You should…it would be highly amusing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Of course! ❤️
        Well, I still think it can be done right! And sure! Dont worry, I FEEL YOU. I have been extremely close to tossing my novel in the trash and becoming a sheep herder. But the world definitely needs your story. Don’t give up on it yet!
        Hmm, that’s a good idea!! Thanks! *tucks it in the idea folder*

        Liked by 1 person

  9. YAYYY the roasting series is BACK!! I was sooo excited to see this post, and I was not disappointed! You are so good at these, Penny – they make me laugh every. single. time! Keep up the fantastic work, I can’t wait to see more!! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  10. This was hilarious, Penny!! I loved it so much!!!! 😂💕

    Except now I feel like every other fantasy author because my book has a teenaged girl MC, is set in a medieval time frame, and has romance. BUT she isn’t your typical fantasy MC so maybe it’ll be redeemable by that……

    Besides that….great post!! I will NEVER grow tired of these!! 😂🤣😂🤣

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Meep! Thank you, Abigail! 💕
      Aww, well, like I said. I still think cliche elements can be done extremely well, it just takes work! (Because I mean, even really amazing books are technically cliche. And I don’t think that makes them bad either. It’s all about the way ya do it!)
      Aww, thank you! 😍❤️💕

      Liked by 1 person

  11. PENNY! *dies laughing* THIS IS SO TRUE! My favorite genre is fantasy, but I see way too many fantasies that are *exactly* like this. And Celery. That is the best name for a female MC. 😉 I didn’t know that you had done posts like these, but when I saw it, I went and read the other two as well. *gives you thumbs up*
    My favorite fantasy novel is definitely Lord of the Rings, but a close second is The Wingfeather Saga (which does in fact have a twelve-year-old, male MC!). It doesn’t have any of these cliches (except for when the MC turns 13 ;). So yeah! Great post, and it provided me with lots of much-needed laughter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! Fantasy is a really neat genre, but it often gets loaded with painful cliches.
      And you read the others??? Aww, thank you!! ❤️❤️
      Also, thanks for the recs!!! They sound amazing! I’ve been meaning to read LOTR, and I’ve heard a lot of good about the Wingfeather Saga too! I think I’m going to read it soon!
      Aww, thank you so much for reading!! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  12. “He tells Celery in what becomes the most shocking plot twist ever devised for a YA fantasy: that Celery is, in fact, The Chosen One.”
    *looks again*
    *Gasps MORE*
    IT CAN’T BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (but seriously, I was a bit scared to read this post, lol, since my main genre is Fantasy – thankfully though, I don’t think I’ve done any of these XD)
    PS. I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Here’s the link:

    Liked by 3 people

      (Haha it seems I made lot of people nervous when they read the title XD I’m good at that, it seems.)
      Also, thanks! I really appreciate it!!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. My beautiful Penny,
    How I would love to read all of this because I know it’s amazing. But alas, I can’t. XD Just know that when I do, I’ll write a comment worth your time, and if I don’t read it, yell at me and Force-choke me to read it. XD

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Wow! I’ve never ever read anything like this! Every component was insanely creative and definitely was nothing like the other 5000 fantasy books I’ve read! Keep up the original ideas! 😉
    (But actually, I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!! It was so funny XD)

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Oh my gosh! This is so true!! XD I find that a lot of my fantasy-related stories have young adult characters and guy MCs who are, in fact, NOT THE CHOSEN. And, not to mention the fact that most of them have some shade of red hair and green eyes… I AM NOT WORTHY ENOUGH FOR THE FANTASY GENRE!! XP

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you! And really? That’s amazing! It sounds like I’d like reading your novels!
      (jk. Keep rocking!)
      (Also thank you for following me! ❤️)


      1. You’re welcome! =)
        Also, thank you! I’m so glad and excited to hear that someone’s interested in reading my novels.
        (Thanks! I’m glad that I’m doing the right thing. =3)
        (My pleasure! Your blog is hilariously funny. I’m glad I found it! Also, I like your blog’s new name. It’s genius!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Of course! They sound really interesting!!! ❤️❤️
        (Yeah! You definitely are! Its not easy to keep from falling back on cliches. Keep it up!!!!)
        (And aww! Thank you!! ❤️ Also thank you so much for the compliment on the new blog name! It means a lot. It seems everyone is finding out about it before I made the official announcement of the change in a post XD XD XD XD)

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Celery! XD Oh, WAIT – SHE CAN USE MAGICAL ABILITIES SHE NEVER KNEW SHE HAD!!! I NEVER would have seen that coming!
    Great post, Penny! I kept laughing at random times for several hours after I read this because I kept thinking of different lines.
    I think one of the most annoying cliches in YA stuff is that the characters are like ALL teens, usually with dead parents. Like, give me some NICE OLD PEOPLE or even MIDDLE AGED ones, and for GOODNESS WRITE ABOUT BABIES AND SOME LITTLE KIDS TOO!

    Liked by 3 people

      Gosh, that makes me so happy XD Thank you for telling me that. XD
      VERY TRUE. I agree with this. I’d love to see some more stories with ALIVE, supportive parents and maybe some middle aged dudes and little kiddos!


  17. Before I get going on agreeing with this post: I am going to claim an ability to agree with the roasting because I write in the fantasy genre. Thank you, and let’s get on now that we’re done with this disclaimer.

    “#YouLiterallyCanNotGoWrong” 😂

    “As you may have noted, she’s VERY VERY PLAIN. NO ONE THINKS SHE’S PRETTY.” Total fantasy novel stuff.

    “Young Celery will soon look down on her perfect blonde braid and think of her father” YES YES ALL THE TIME. The characters usually are looking at dumb stuff too when this happens.

    ““And then, just like that, everything changed.”” EVERY FANTASY BOOK EVER (besides mine of course)

    “When she turned sixteen (#TheMagicalAge)” 😂

    “He tells Celery in what becomes the most shocking plot twist ever devised for a YA fantasy: that Celery is, in fact, The Chosen One.
    #gaspgaspgaspgasp” YEEEEESSSSSSS

    “And then, since we needed another shocking plot twist, in the same day, Celery also finds out that SHE IS A PRINCESS!!!!” SO MANY BOOKS DO THIS OH MY GOSH

    “Suddenly, randomly, completely off the wall, a extremely handsome and strangely young captain of the royal guard comes back from one of his usual trips to the Other Kingdom™ and bumps into Celery, and strangely, holds a gruff and awkward conversation with her.
    Celery is annoyed by his gruffness to her, but she can’t help but notice how handsome he is.” SO MANY. I keep saying that. 😂

    “Celery ALSO finds Zephyr extremely nice to look at, and is he perhaps, a little smitten with her as well?” #everylovetriangleever (let’s look weird in front of the REAL love interest, then nice in front of the other one, yes? I think so. *nod nod*)

    “Oh dear. Is it possible now that she might have to choose BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT GUYS???” 😂

    “When she takes a stroll in the gardens, she finds that the palace dogs are attracted to her, and she seems to have a way with them.” I find this even more hilarious than the love triangle. THEY ALWAYS HAVE A WAY WITH SOMETHING OR ANOTHER.

    “And even though she has never made any mention of it at all, when she plays this piano, she is music.” “AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES, NOT BAKING OR COOKING.)” Yeah, why are they always bad with baking and cooking??

    “And Chior and Zephyr definitely take a noticing.” ALWAYS.

    If you want guy MCs, I know some middle grade novels called Five Kingdoms with a main character who’s a boy. (Just get past the first book, and they get really cool. The world building is honestly so amazing) An amazing YA book with a boy main character (the only YA book I’ve ever really liked) is one called Fawkes. It’s so cool, and set in London, but in a real period in history but also with fantasy elements and EEEEEK IT’S SO COOL I LOVE IT. (and, good news: he’s not a princess 😂)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This comment. I am speechless.
      Like JULIA THIS COMMENT AGAUNAIDHSBHAAKOAY!!!! You literally did so much commentary and had so much amazingness to say about my post. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!❤️❤️💕💕💕
      Thank you a million for taking the time to write me this comment and tell me all your thoughts. It was such a delight to read!!!
      AND thank you for the recommendations!!! I really appreciate them!! I’ll check ’em out for sure! ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you liked it! 😃 I had a blast with your post, so I just had to post this novel of a comment 😜


  18. Huh. I forget how much I dislike/don’t read YA. I didn’t even realize these tropes happened so much, and fantasy is almost all I read. Most of my favorite fantasy does star male leads and when I’m writing, the more I can dodge romance, the happier I am.
    You sound like you’d be happy reading A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin. Dark-skinned wizard guy sailing through possibly the most fascinating Archipelago in fantasy. Doesn’t look a thing like Britain.
    Or try The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen. Low fantasy/alternate history but still dodges most of the things that were irritating you (for good reason).
    Happy reading!


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