Revenge Of The Fifth: The Penny Strikes Back



I’ll bet you weren’t expecting me back so soon, were you?


Well I’ve got a back to back special for you beans this weekend! Because since yesterday was May the Fourth, today is Revenge of the Fifth! Today is the day Star Wars fans celebrate the villainous side of Star Wars, which of course, is why we’re really here in the first place.

(Just kidding.)

(Not really.)

I LOVE Star Wars villains. Without the evil Sith Lords, there would be no true fight for the Jedi. Whether you’re a Sith Lord or a Jedi Master, you have to admit, the villains in this these movies are amazing.

This film series has a serious skill for creating villains. I don’t think there’s a villain in SW I don’t like, but I thought for Revenge of the Fifth, I’d do a countdown of some of my favorite villains.



9. Jango Fett




Contrary to popular opinion, I prefer Jango to Boba Fett. I think it’s probably because I got to see how he came about, his personality, and his devotion to his son. (Although he wasn’t a perfect father; Take Your Child To Work Day did NOT work out well. #Regrets)

Jango is just awesome. Granted, he is a villain, but you gotta respect a villain who loves his son. And owns a fire outfit.



8. Sheev Palpatine




You gotta love a baddie who manages to span and ruin the lives of heroes over three movie trilogies (and yes, even the sequels, because, #RiseOfTheSkywalker). Everything from his iconic laugh to his force lighting, and his manipulative abilities with the Skywalkers, Palpatine is a dude to be feared.

The prequels (#ForeverAmazing) gave some more backstory and made Palpatine a dearly loved villain in the Star Wars community. And I must agree! He’s an important part of each one of the trilogies, and we’ve enjoyed seeing him in the OT and the prequels, and SW fans are eagerly awaiting Episode 9 to see how Palpatine will ruin the galaxy yet again.



7.  Kylo Ren




Watching the Force Awakens, I REALLY loved Kylo as a villain. He was wicked, conniving, cruel, creepy, and his heartless murder of Han Solo made me hate him all the more.

In The Last Jedi, we got to see even more depth to his character, and I got to see there was some light in him, and was curious to see how his character arc panned out. Still with him as a villain at the end of TLJ makes me extremely curious on what will happen in Episode IX.

What do I hope for Kylo Ren in Rise Of The Skywalker?


That’s the truth. He doesn’t really deserve a redemption, and with all this r*ylo junk floating around the Internet it makes me root for Kylo’s death even more. (Either that or they find out that Kylo and Rey are cousins, which they are.)

I really liked Kylo Ren as a villain, but with everyone taking up for his evil deeds and wanting him to get married to Rey (*pukes behind a bush*), I can’t like his character as much as I usually would.



6. Darth Vader



A villain countdown isn’t complete without Darth Vader, who became a literal icon over the years. Darth Vader was a fair villain in the first two movies of the OT, and he started to get deeper in Return Of The Jedi. I still really loved, however, the prequels (#HereWeGoAgain) and all the depth and backstory they gave to Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and explanation to the wonderful story of Padme Amidala.




5. Captain Phasma




I’ll try not to go into literal squeal mode as I talk about Phasma here. We’ve chatted quite a bit about Phasma in my post about female villains. She’s absolutely terrifying and cruel, and that made her an epic villain for the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Her wicked treatment to my Finnamon Roll™ is probably most of the reason why I hated her so badly. She was so evil, yet so cool and calm about it, which made her so perfect as the silver stormtrooper leader.

Captain Phasma definitely gets a high ranking on this list.



4. General Hux





I have literally no idea why I love Hux so much. He’s got a British accent (#EnoughSaid), his relationship with Kylo is pretty much hilarious, and he’s the only one who’s actually getting anything done in The First Order.

My favorite, most epic villain scene with Hux is when he starts to pull out his blaster on Kylo while he’s unconscious, then quickly tucks it back in when he sees Kylo move.




BEST part in TLJ.




3. Count Dooku




Ever since I watched Attack Of The Clones, I absolutely LOVED Count Dooku as a villain.

Probably my favorite thing about Dooku is how EXTRA he is. This guy never gets tired of showing off in the most evil ways possible.


Someone caption this


He always looks so unimpressed by everyone else’s attempts at being cool, or even trying to kill him.


Count Dooku will always be remembered by me.



2. Lando Calrissian





Lando literally betrayed his best friend and Han’s girlfriend and Han’s wookie. HOW DARE HE.


He literally conferred with Darth Vader himself and was super kind and hospitable JUST to clamp down on them and get Han Solo frozen in carbonite. #WhatAGreatFriend


Lando did redeem himself later on, and for that reason I love him as a hero and a character.

But #INeverForgot



1. Orson Krennic






Krennic is the star villain of Rogue One. (Other than Darth Vader’s famous appearances.) He is the very epitome of evil and has no chill. He ruthlessly kills so many people without blinking an eye. He’s bent on winning against those pesky rebels who insist on getting plans to the Death Star to Princess Leia (don’t even get me STARTED on that Princess Leia scene in Rogue One – I nearly start crying every time I see it), and he’s going to see to it they don’t get to their goal.

I know Rogue One is not loved by everyone, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY. It is literally perfection. I don’t know why it is not loved. I even know several completely sane people (*COUGH* JO *COUGH*) who do not think Rogue One is amazing. And I continue to keep them in my prayers.

Orson Krennic is definitely my favorite Star Wars villain of all time. Enough said.





Are you celebrating Revenge Of The Fifth? Did you even know it was a holiday? Who is your favorite Star Wars villain? Do you ship r*ylo? (If so, I’m probably going to block you.) 


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35 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Fifth: The Penny Strikes Back

  1. “Take Your Child To Work Day did NOT work out well.” IS THAT NOT THE TRUTH OR WHAT XD
    Also I feel very called out. How could you Penny. HOW COULD YOU. Whatcha gonna call me, a heathen???? *wounded puppy eyes*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ISN’T IT THO.
      I DID I DID I CALLED YOU OUT I AM NOT SORRY. You are quite the heathen for not loving Rogue One.
      But I will still love you. And pray that you soon will see the light. *pat pat*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t ship Rey and Kylo. They are siblings. (but cousins is a good idea, so either siblings or cousins, but definitely not love interests)
    I didn’t know Revenge of the Fifth was a holiday. XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. THANK YOU. It’s so nice to hear of you people. (I think they might be cousins, when I watch all the clues in TFA) But yes. DEFINITELY not love interests.
      I didn’t either until not that long ago XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “Take Your Child To Work Day did NOT work out well” That is probably the funniest, truest sentence EVER. And yes, Lando! The ultimate traitor. How could he hurt my Han and Chewie??? But he does redeem himself, you’re right. *nods*

    Senator Palpatine is probably my favorite villain from SW just because… his plans are so well thought out? he’s so cunning and traitorous and false? I don’t know… he’s just kinda awesome, for a villain. 😛

    Although I haven’t seen any of the new SW movies I know I would hate Kylo simply because he kills my absolute favorite character. *sobs*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHAHAAA! Thank you! That is basically what happened XD
      AND I KNOW, RIGHT. Lando is such a traitor. He hurt HAN. COME ON NOW.
      But, *sighs* he does make up for it.
      And ikr??? Palpatine is awesome. So deliciously evil.
      You WOULD hate him. I hate him. Han is one of my fave characters too *wallows in misery*

      Liked by 1 person

  4. (*whispers* Finally someone who doesn’t ship Reylo, though, I’m not alone) I do love Kylo, but Anakin/Darth Vader was always my fave. I’m like a shameless Vader/Padme shipper.

    I haven’t seen Rogue One yet, I need tooo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *reaches out to touch you to make sure you’re real* Another anti-reylo!!! I’m not alone!!! *tears up*
      I LOVE ANAKIN. He is awesome.
      Yessssss you MUST watch it. You won’t regret it.

      Liked by 1 person

    btw, hi!! I’m Aditi and please don’t hate me forever (I’m apologizing for future mistakes look at me such a good planner). I promise I’m not this annoying all the time (I was crossing my fingers).
    kk, cya! if you don’t hate me yet, let’s be friends so you can hate me later!

    Liked by 1 person

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