It’s Almost 2020 (And I’m Freaking Out)

  Hello, my beans! (You guys like the new greeting? Perfect for 2020.) I'm shocked. Concerned. Appalled. Last week I woke to a horrifying and utterly confusing realization. 2019 is almost over. It went by in a blur. I know. I'm beginning to sound very much like now. Kids aren't supposed to say, "Wow, … Continue reading It’s Almost 2020 (And I’m Freaking Out)

Merry Making and Elfing – It’s Christmastime!

  MERRY CHRISTMAS MY DUDES AND DUDETTES! That's right - it's time for my obligatory Christmas post. And also time for me to remind you guys that I am still alive, and not just on Twitter. There's a lot of special stuff coming next year on my blog - between some resolutions that are directly … Continue reading Merry Making and Elfing – It’s Christmastime!

In Which I Meet My Favorite Author (feat. Me Being A Total Fangirl)

  It happened, beans. It happened. IT HAPPENED.  Shannon Messenger came to MY STATE to promote her newest book in her series, Keeper Of The Lost Cities.    And I got to go.    As you probably are aware of, Shannon Messenger is my favorite author. And Keeper Of The Lost Cities is my favorite book series/book. So as if it … Continue reading In Which I Meet My Favorite Author (feat. Me Being A Total Fangirl)

in which i accidentally become a short term missionary supporter// pananaw for philippines

Guys please read this and SHARE IT AGAIN!!! It literally takes 60 seconds to reblog this. Even if you don’t know Jo, she wants to do something for God’s kingdom and that’s something to applaud and share. And give if God leads you to. Love you beans! ❤

da blog pananaw

i… can explain.

*immediately fails to do so*

you know how you wake up and do school and then bike to the library and write sappy poems and then read a book everyone’s raving about and eat and drink and breathe and exist—

and it’s like… it’s off.

which makes you off.


yeah, yeah, me.

and maybe, i guess, i found out why.

so my uncle and aunt are missionaries to our home country of the philippines, on a little island called boracay. and like many people serving around the world, they need help– someone to lighten the load, someone to do the mundane details of running a church/school/ministry.

and for some reason, uncle (or as we say, “tito”) joven asked, of everyone in the world…


i should also mention here that he’s both a missionary and the biggest clown you’ll ever see that side of the globe…

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Welcome to Tales of the Lonely Sun!

BEANS!!!!! Come follow my friends’ new blog!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and I am drooling over it.

Tales of the Lonely Sun

Hello and welcome!

Tales of the Lonely Sun is a blog for writers and readers who want to celebrate the light that literature can spread rather than the darkness that is so prevalent in today’s world. It is run by Carlye Krul, Merie Shen, Jorja Ayres, and Mya Gray. We are all teenagers, followers of Jesus, avid readers, and fiction writers. You can expect posts about writing and reading as well as author interviews/guest posts twice a week.

To help you get to know us better, we put together this ten-question Q&A:

Q&A About Us

What is your name and 5 words that describe you?

Jorja: My name is Jorja Ayres (pronounced Georgia Airs) and 5 words that describe me are: talkative, perfectionist, unique, tall and a total fangirl.

Carlye: My name is Carlye Krul. I would probably describe myself as thoughtful, a daydreamer, patient, passionate, and organized.

Mya: My…

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Project Inspire! (a post in which i brag about all my amazing marshmallow fronds)

  Hello, my dudes and dudettes! How does it be with you peeps? I've got a special post for you bean boys and gals today. A fellow and wondrous blogger, Jenna, created a very special tag of sorts to help and encourage writers all over the blogosphere. It's called Project Inspire. Lovely, much? It's a … Continue reading Project Inspire! (a post in which i brag about all my amazing marshmallow fronds)